YOU GET 2 OF THESE LOCKING BOLTS, ONE EACH SIDE INSTALLED FOR ONLY £125 (Only £225 if you have 2 separate doors).

Up and over doors which possibly account for 90% of all garage door operation can easily be opened with a minimum of noise or fuss. A thief does NOT need a key and can be inside your garage in a matter of seconds!

This puts Garage break-ins right up there at the top of the list for crime figures because they are such a soft option.


That's where Crusader Locksmiths come in to help you, because we have the perfect solution to KEEP UNWANTED VISITORS OUT and put your mind at rest!...

Think about what you keep in your garage. Maybe you have all the family's bikes in there? What are they worth and does your house insurance cover you. Older T-Bar locks do NOT really meet with Insurance company's criteria anymore, because of their poor design! 

What do we offer?

Peace of mind with these  2 unique Key-operated side locking bolts that once installed will deter any would-be thief. Nobody is going to try and break open a garage door with these just wouldn't be worth the time taken, noise made and effort exerted, and they would just look for the next "soft" target!

Remember, prevention is definitely better than the cure. Cameras might help to catch the culprits but they won't always stop a break in. It makes perfect sense to have these fitted NOW. This will save you all the time and hassle dealing with insurance claims and organising repair work to damaged property!

Call and ask for Steve so we can arrange a mutually convenient time and day to install.

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