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Q1. Can your main front or side door be seen by passers by?

Can the rear of your property be easily accessed

Is the rear of the property overlooked by neighbours?

Q4. Do you have any outside lights with motion sensors that cover your driveway or rear of your property?

Q5. Do you have any Upvc Doors that use the multi-lock system?

Q6. When were the locks fitted or last changed?

Q7. Do you have a garage? (If your answer is No then go to Question 12)

Q8. Is it Attached or Detached

Q9. Can the garage door be seen from inside your house?

Q10. Is your garage overlooked by neighbours windows?

Q11. Apart from the lock in the handle have you fitted any secondary methods of security to the door, such as padlocks or locking bolts?

Q12. Was you house previously owned or rented out?

Q13. Do you have window locks or a multi locking system in them?

Q14 Whenever you are at home do you?

Q15 When you retire for the night, do you leave your car keys in the hallway or withing easy reach of the front door?

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