Here at Crusader Locksmiths we can offer 2 ways of providing you with some spare keys.
1.Postal Service......
Send to us one or more of your  *working  keys so that we can copy them and get new keys posted back to you within 3 working days (our address can be found on the contact- us page).. We recommend that you sellotape the key(s) to the  inside face of a folded thin sheet of cardboard (eg from a cereal packet) and use a brown envelope as this disguises the contents. 
If you have any concerns about security, then we suggest you give a different delivery address, for example, get them sent to a friend, relative or a neighbour that you can trust. ( be assured that all Locksmiths, including myself are CRB checked and registered with the local constabulary).
2.Mobile..Local Key cutting service at your door....
Just call our telephone number and request a visit, or use the contact us page and email us to organize a convenient time with your name and address and tel number so we can make a  visit. For this service we don't usually travel  more than 5 miles unless there are a number of customers in your area.
The  term "working" means that the key must operate the lock properly....if a key is worn and you have to wiggle the key to operate the lock, then it's a new lock you need, and to copy your key will not solve any problems that you are having opening the lock.
Payment can be made by sending a cheque payable to "Crusader Locksmiths Ltd" or by Paypal.


List of Charges for Key Cutting
Rim Lock Keys    
1 Key  =  £5.00
3 Keys  =  £10.00                                                    (Add £2 for every additional key).
Small and Medium Size Mortise Keys   
1 Key  =    £6.00
2 Keys  =  £10.00                                                   (Add £3.00 for every additional key).

Large Lever Rim Mortice Keys (Safe Keys etc)                     £8.00 per key L     

Special Non- Standard Keys
These can often be made to order in our workshop
and start at around £10.00 each.

Please note that at present we DO NOT cut spare keys for cars and vans.
We do have a limited stock of padlock, wardrobe and cabinet keys.
All prices are correct from September 2017